Monday, February 28, 2022

Ukraine Kayfabe*, or How We Got The Western World To Buy The WEF Sleight-Of-Hand

Hmmm. Color me cynical (it's the one next to the last right in the expanded 64 pack of Crayolas), but my, MY isn't this kick off of festivities in #Ukraine awfully convenient?

I mean, we had the COVID narrative falling apart, and people like David Martin explaining the money trail between world leaders like Trudeau, and Acuitas, Arbutus, Moderna, Pfizer, et al ... the coverup of Fauxci's funding of Wuhan and other illegal-in-the-US bioweapons labs bubbling up into the public square, -and- 

We had the Truckers Freedom Convoy park in #Ottawa, which tore the fig leaf off the belief that #Canada is in any way, shape or form a "democracy" and exposed the lying state funded mass media whores for who and what they are, -and- yet! 

Klaus Schwab was there at Harvard in 2017* bragging how Putin, Merkel, Trudeau, Freeland, Singh, Blair et al are all graduates of the #WEF "Young Globalists Leaders" indoctrination camps, sent out as foot soldiers to usher in the transnational aligned "Neo-Feudal World Order" where the serfs will own nothing, and "be happy", -and- 

A desperate pivot was needed from the realization that the #WEF Individual Digital Identity system, aka, Social Credit Score, aka, Digital Slavery, was being advanced in all Western nations and people were waking up to what that really meant, -and- 

Ergo, a hot war in #Ukraine! Never mind that the Canadian gov't manufactured a false flag event with (1) carefully staged swastika flag at the #Ottawa protest, or that Chrystia Freeland, #WEF YGL graduate, spouse of a reporter with the black-budget-intel-narrative- washing NYT, has a bona fide, I sh!t you not, Ukrainian WWII "real" Nazi grandfather, #Canadians were now guilt tripped into rallying for #Ukraine! when freedom in their OWN backyards IS in actual and desperate peril, -and- 

Not for nothing, #Putin is a #WEF YGL graduate as well, and this whole #Ukraine thing seems to be yet another one of those pre-planned off-the-shelf solutions to a problem - the "Great Awakening" - that they always seem to have ready, with of course, the ready made "solution" for easy public consumption and buy into. Interesting that #Russia seems to be embarrassingly and ahem, theatrically, incompetent in its prosecution of the conflict, and a lot of outdated materiel seems to be now rendered useless!, being blown up, stripped of usable parts, etc. Why, even #Poland helpfully stepped in and offered up their vintage Soviet MiG fleet to #Ukraine! You can't buy new stuff if you've still got old stuff!! How do you get shiny new stuff?? You have to find a plausible way to dispose of the old stuff! 

So, all the players in this drama are #WEF YGL graduates, the timing is suspiciously helpful to distracting the growing #GreatAwakening plebes, (look OVER HERE, not THERE!) but if you feel #Ukraine is Kayfabe theater and you're being played, you're a "Conspiracy Theorist". 

Oh, and has anyone else noticed that all the recent players on the World Stage aren't well educated statesmen in the Western tradition, but have some sort of theatrical background, and are comfortable playing a part? Trump - WWE, The Apprentice and now his new social media launch would be really given a "Y-U-G-E" assist with something like a WAR that people would want to chat about and share their armchair quarterbacking strategery! Putin? - to be successful in his role as a foreign intelligence officer - what chameleon qualities would that have required? Trudeau - a former drama teacher. Zelenskyy - actor AND comedian! That skill set would be incredibly helpful for making Kayfabe "war" theatre actually believable! 


*Klaus Schwab bragging at Harvard in 2017:

"Vladmir Putin.... has been a member of the Young Global Leaders Forum" 

Update: Most of the "information" being disseminated by the "Legacy media" about Ukraine is .... deliberatively, shockingly untrue and incorrect.

First Casualty of War is Truth

Someone else who isn't buying what they're selling:


Sunday, February 13, 2022

Your Request for Freedom Has been Denied

"Dear Little Working Class Person, 

We regret to inform you that your request for "Freedom" was denied as it has been not been approved by your local Commissaries, and failed to have the necessary supporting documents attached, was not in triplicate and was completed in blue ink. Our policies regarding all "Requests for Freedom" specifically state that they must be completed using only black ink. This decision is final."


To all those that are "angry" about the #FreedomConvoy, especially the blockades, the comments section at Small Dead Animals Blog, a Canadian blog that has been following the Canadian Trucker Protest intently, is enlightening: 

"This was my response to a neighbor here in Florida (votes consistently “Blue”/Democratic) who stated that they shouldn’t be blockading bridges, etc and should “just go home” and “protest peacefully” (ie: write their MPP/MP, etc) 

(I also asked her why the greatest genuine grassroots working class uprising in a generation has been so viciously demonized and resisted by the parties that purport to represent working class interests (Liberals & NDP in Canada; Democrats in US) and got NO answer.) 

 Dear Friend, 

You state that the protesters have no right to blockade the bridges or “occupy” downtown Ottawa, that they need to just go home and “protest peacefully” by means that you feel are “appropriate”, such as “writing letters”, or “starting petitions”. 

Unfortunately, that is a much harder task than you realize, to have your voice heard, when all the checks & balances of a democratic system have been denied to the working classes. Blockades & a growing insurgency is all they have left, and their courage is contagious.

Let’s take a roll call: 

(1) Parliament? The leaders of two of the major parties are both of the same political party – the “#WEF party, Riding of Canada." Steve Bannon calls them “the party of Davos” and he is not wrong. Both Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh used inexcusable and unacceptable inflammatory speech to demonize an entire group of people who had differing views, with no blow back from the mainstream media. If their opponents had used it, it would be categorized as “hate speech”, but they get a free pass from the media. 

The “Opposition” ? Timid and gutless, they tentatively move forward with pseudo opposition to the ruling party, as long as it doesn’t upset their big business donors or deep pocket lobbyists. The base – well, screw ’em! We’ll say the minimum we need to say to appease them & then do what our donor class wants. The first Conservative (CPC) politician to announce he is running for the now vacant leadership position of the CPC, Pierre Poilievre, is yet another WEF (World Economic Forum) “Young Global Leaders” graduate. Do you understand the concept of “Controlled Opposition” in psychological warfare operations? 

No one in the “Opposition Party” has so much as mentioned the WEF-mandated “Individual Digital Identity” – a permanent QR style digital passport, that all jurisdictions in the West with a significant WEF footprint are rushing to implement. The QR “Vax Passes” were just the toe in the water and the beta test for what is to come. Saskatchewan has an outstanding RFP (Request for Proposal) for a “Level 3”, Individual Digital Identity framework. This is more than just “dropping all mandates”. This is the last line of defense before we are all corralled into a digital fence that they control, similar to the Chinese Social Credit System – and yet, the CPC remains silent while pretending it is demanding “ending all mandates” in support of the "Truckers for Freedom" and protesters camped out in Ottawa.

(2) The mainstream media? Once a check on power, they now are little more than stenographers & hagiographers for the establishment. They don’t challenge establishment viewpoints, they harangue, hector and bully the “little guy” for his “unacceptable views”, especially if those “views” are embarrassing to those in power. Dr. Malone was recently “fact checked” by a reporter from the BBC – someone who had NO science experience, let alone formal training – and “corrected” for his statements on findings, technology and protocols that he had invented, and had successfully secured 9 patents for. As mentioned in (1), the Leadership of two of the four major political parties, can use vituperative language with zero comment from the media. Oh - and the Liberal party subsidizes the "free press" to the tune of approximately $600 million CDN$ per year. They are smart enough not to bite the hand that literally feeds them.

(3) The courts? Ha, ha, ha! Time & again as we slowly slide into full tyranny, they don’t view their storied position as a check on power and a much needed source of equity for the underdog in a stacked system. The recent court rulings against the #FreedomConvoy in my view are further evidence of the corruption of the Justice system in favor of the powerful. If not outright corruption, then certainly a corruption of ideas and principles. 

(4) Banks? Instead of being neutral business people, TD Bank went out of their way to grovel and suck up to the #WEF party of Davos to proactively find a way to return the grassroots donations of the "Deplorables/Fringe Minority " held in trust by Give Send Go to Leviathan, in advance of any express court directives to do so. That’s “Democracy” in action! 

(5) State power? With little more than offended feelings and the sense of a threat to the status quo, the state now goes door to door in an intimidation campaign against soccer moms, or declare anyone who dares challenge them, “Terrorists” in order to apply the full lever of power of the state against them. Unlawful stealthy and warrantless intelligence collection with the full cooperation and support of Big Tech on innocent citizens is done under the guise of an “Emergency Order”, for “Public Health”, yet nothing is done about it nor are the fruits of the illegal data collection ordered destroyed. The Cheka would be impressed. 

But you’re right – it’s the “Blockades” – the one remaining thing the little guy has as a check on unrestrained power and tyranny that’s the problem. 


TD Bank to hand over money to Court (before any specific Court order to do so - the order was the "freeze" the funds, not surrender them to the Court. (click link for Rebel News explanation)